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There is just as much pressure when it comes to wedding videography as there is with wedding photography. In order to shoot the best wedding possible, it takes good communication and organisation. It’s not just about having the best camera or video gear. Read on as we share some of our experiences on wedding videography tips.

wedding video tips

Communication is the key

When a couple has decided to choose you as their videographer, this means you should have a pretty good idea as to what they want. As the videographer, ensure you have a clear timeline of the day, so that you’re always at the right place at the right time. Find out if there are any specific or surprise moments that they will want captured on film.

Communicate with the venues to ensure all goes smoothly and find out if there are any rules you need to abide by. keep in mind that venues such as churches often have strict rules when it comes to photographing and filming. From our experience, they don’t allow you to move around and usually ask you to remain in one specific spot and/or area. This can often be challenging. A good tip is to always carry a good zoom lens, preferably suitable for low lighting.

Good audio is crucial

When it comes to a wedding, you only get one chance to do your job, so it’s important to be on the ball. Capturing good quality audio is important for the final product you will deliver. It is best to have multiple audio sources recording at one time for peace of mind, incase anything goes wrong. This could mean capturing it on your camera, with an on camera microphone or having external mics on the bride and groom as well as the celebrant.

In the evening, when a DJ is set up, it may also be possible to plug into their sound source as an alternative means of back up audio.

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Have good stabilisation

Capturing motion and moving around consistently and quickly at a wedding means you will need good stabalisation. We tend to use a mix of tripods, monopods and gimbal/glidecam depending on where we are filming. For example, we would use a tripod during a cermony, then something like a gimbal while outdoors filming the bride and groom if we want something a little more fast paced.

Capture as much as possible

Over time, we’ve definitely learnt that you can never have too much footage. It is far better to have more than less, so you can pick and choose and cut scenes as you wish. Not having enough caught on film can make your job a lot more difficult and give you added pressure, which you want to avoid. Ensure that your couple have clear expectations that not everything filmed will make the final cut.

wedding videography tips

Prepare for low light venues

There’s no doubt that you’ll come across low light venues. In addition, you’ll also need to tackle filming during an evening reception, where lighting can differ from one venue to the next.

There are various options for off camera/video lights that can be used for focusing to help get the desired shots, so keep this in mind.

We are always so honoured when couples entrust us for their special day. We take all weddings seriously, no matter how big or small. For more information about our wedding photography packages or wedding videography, get in touch via our contact form. We service Adelaide, South Australia, as well as various locations throughout Australia.

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