Funny Wedding Shoe Game Questions

As photographers and/or videographers, we are seeing the wedding shoe game at many weddings. One of the best ways to keep your guests entertained is by incorporating different activities during the day. One particular game we love to watch is the wedding shoe game. While this is mainly played during the evening reception, this game is becoming increasingly popular as it is both hilarious for the guests and the couple. All you need are two chairs, the couple, their shoes, an MC and some fun wedding shoe game questions.

We had the opportunity to film this wedding shoe game while working at the Cruising Yacht Club North Haven.

The Shoe Game Questions

If you are the designated MC, the wedding shoe game questions can be as personal and/or funny as you like, as long as the couple feel comfortable answering them. It is often best to start off with some relatively simple questions, then build up to a climax of more funny ones. For example, “who is the tidiest?” or “who is the better cook?”.

Answering The Questions

To answer the wedding shoe game questions, the couple answer by holding up the shoe that best fits the answer, all while not being able to see which shoe their spouse is raising. So many laughs can be had and it is a real crowd pleaser. Watch our video above to listen to some questions.

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