Why You Need to Hire a Blush & Pose Photo Booth

Choosing the perfect photo booth for your wedding isn’t easy, especially when there are so many options and styles to consider. At Blush & Pose Photography, we’re proud of our photo booth, and yes, like every other supplier, we do think ours is the best!

Photo booths have become popular over recent years and it’s no wonder many couples choose to include a wedding photo booth for their big day! It’s a chance for guests to enjoy unique wedding entertainment throughout the entire evening of your reception. We find guests are constantly coming back because they love the experience and the quality of our photos and prints. If you’re looking for the best photo booth hire Adelaide, then be sure to consider our state of the art photo booth hire Adelaide.

 It’s All About Appearance

When it comes to choosing a wedding photo booth, looks are a big deal. Couples choose our photo booth because of its beautiful and classy appearance. It’s a statement piece for any wedding and eye catching none the less. Couples love the seamless, sleek design, knowing that the main unit does not come in ‘parts’ or needing to be ‘joined together’.

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Unique & Spacious Experience

The main reason why so many couples love our photo booth is not only because it looks amazing, but because it is incredibly spacious. Gone are the days when only two or three people can fit in a photo booth at once. We give you room for your whole bridal party or large groups to fit in, making the experience even more enjoyable and memorable.

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Perfect Timeless Wedding Fun

Our photo booth has a way of attracting guests. It’s practically magnetic. If you’re unsure as to whether the booth will get used, then take it from us, when we say there’ll be queues all night as everyone will keep coming back for more. You’ll hear laughs and screams of excitement as guests try to pose for that picture perfect moment. Add on some hilarious props and hear the crowd go wild! It’s also the perfect alternative to everyone just taking selfies.

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Beautiful Instant Prints

One of the things we love to see when you hire our photo booth, are guests showing each other their instant print collections. We love the laughs a strip can bring and the memories that have just been made. These strips are a great token to help you remember the night. There’s something nostalgic about bringing home an instant print that can be framed or put on the fridge.

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Book Full of Memories

When you choose to hire a Blush & Pose Photo Booth, we won’t leave you empty handed. A keepsake guestbook is included when you book our photo booth for your wedding event. This means you’ll forever be reminded of the fabulous time you and your guests had in our photo booth. Furthermore, you’ll have a wonderful collection of funny photos which will always make you smile.

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No location is too difficult

We understand that every wedding and venue will be different. Our photo booth has stood the test of time, even in outdoor locations. As long as it is protected by the elements, our photo booth can even be set up for an outdoor reception or special occasion. We’ve even taken our photo booth up lifts and stairs. There’s never been a venue we couldn’t do.

Looking for the best photo booth hire Adelaide? Want to add some extra entertainment to your wedding day, then get in touch to discuss our package options. You won’t be disappointed.

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