So You’re Planning A Wedding…?

We all know that it takes time and energy, months and years to put together a weddding. The key to a successful wedding day timeline is to really plan ahead. Although, we can’t always guarantee that things will run like clockwork on the day, it will still serve as a good guideline for you to follow.

When you’re planning a wedding for the very first time, it can be difficult to know how much time to allocate  for each part of the day. As photographers, we’ve not only travelled around Australia, but also around the world, capturing weddings in the United Kingdom and Paris.

One of the biggest suggestions we can give, when planning your wedding timeline, is to use your suppliers. They are a wealth of knowledge, having helped many couples. Use them to your advantage and ask for guidance in terms of time allocation.

We’ve put together an example of a morning and afternoon timeline to use as a guide.

 Morning Wedding Day Timeline Guide

If you’re not like me, then you won’t be planning a mid to late morning wedding ceremony. Yes, that’s right, I chose to marry in the morning. I figured that I wouldn’t have been able to sleep the night before, so why not just make the wedding early and that’s exactly what we did! 

  • 6.30-7am ~ Begin your hair and makeup
  • 8.30am ~ Your photographer should have arrived & ensure you have allocated people/suppliers to set up at the venue
  • 9-9.30am ~ Bridesmaids, Bride, Flower Girl and/or Page Boy dressed
  • 9.30am ~ Have photographs before leaving for the ceremony
  • 9.45am ~ Wedding car and driver/s arrive
  • 10am ~ Leave for the ceremony with your bridal party and/or close family. You can of course, choose to be late, but also allow time for traffic, depending on how far you need to travel. Remember to breathe, by now the nerves will have definitely set in
  • 10.30-10.45am ~ The ceremony begins
  • 11.30am ~ The ceremony finishes. Greet guests and have some photographs, while mingling
  • 12.30pm ~ Wedding reception begins, followed by lunch/meal
  • 1pm ~ Any toasts or speeches you have planned
  • 2.00pm ~ Cake cutting and lots of dessert
  • 2.30pm ~ Enjoy your first dance together
  • 3.00pm ~ Formal photos with family, bridal party and couple alone. Have some specific areas in mind.
  • 4.30pm ~ Start to make your rounds and say goodbye to your guests
  • 5pm ~ Couple send off and leave
planning a wedding timeline
planning a wedding timeline

Afternoon Wedding Day Timeline Guide

An afternoon wedding timeline is definitely for those who want to take the morning to somewhat relax before starting the day’s preparations. It’s perfect for couples who want the night to party.

  • 10 -11am ~ Begin hair and makeup.
  • 11am – 1.30pm ~ Most vendors arrive for setup.
  • 2.00pm ~ Bridesmaids, Bride, Flower girl, Page boy all dressed and ready. Photographs taken as we go along.
  • 2-2.15pm ~ Wedding cars arrive and ready. Don’t forget to allow for travel time or just be fashionably late
  • 3.00pm ~ The “I do’s”, let’s do this!
  • 3.30-3.45pm ~ Group photos as you desire, including family
  • 4.00pm ~ Time to grab the bridal party and head out to locations for all those fun photos!
  • 5.30pm ~ Start making your way back to the reception
  • 6.00pm ~ Reception starts.
  • 7.00pm ~ Wedding meal served
  • 8.00pm ~ Speeches as desired
  • 8.30pm ~ Cake Cutting / First Dance
  • 9.00pm onwards ~ Party all night
wedding day timeline

It’s All About You

No two weddings are the same. How you choose to plan your wedding and what happens throughout the day is totally up to you. You can choose to make it as formal or informal as you want. Timings will differ from one wedding to the next.

As photographers, we normally arrive at each wedding 1.5~2 hours before the ceremony. This allows time for all the getting ready shots and normally travel to the ceremony location. There are many things to consider when planning your wedding and as photographers, we too are here to help to ensure it all runs smoothly.

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