Considering including your pet on your wedding day? 

It is becoming increasingly popular for couples to include pets on their wedding day. Now we understand that not every couple are animal lovers, but for those who are, we’ve put together a few tips on how to include your four legged furry friends on your big day.

including your dog at your wedding

Check with your venue

Before you start the planning process, ensure to first check with your venue. If allowed, then work out how your pet will fit in on your day. Ask yourself if you think your dog will be well behaved for the whole day, or how will they handle large groups of people. There are many things to consider, so ensure you have thought it through.

Getting ready photos

The day starts with bridal prep, so why not get your photographer to take photos of you and your dog, as you are getting ready. Portraits with your pet can be really special and a great way to give them attention while making them feel loved, during a very busy time.

Dog of Honour

Some dogs have serious roles. Many couples choose to have their dog as the official ring bearer. Obviously, I would only recommend this for the truly well behaved dogs. Don’t forget you can also dress them up in cute, adorable outfits complete with bow ties, floral wreaths, frills or neckerchiefs.

dog at wedding

Consider a pet sitter

The day will be long, so we recommend allocating a good pet sitter for your dog. Someone who knows your pet well and you feel is up for the job is important. This will take the pressure off you having to worry about your pet. They can ensure your dog is at the right place, at the right time and in addition, is fed throughout the day and is well behaved with your guests.

dog at wedding
including your dog at your wedding

Cake Topper

There are other ways to include your dog, if your pet is nervous or not so well behaved. Why not consider including them on to your cake topper. This is a great way to express couples and their unique personalities. Not only this, but guests love seeing the cuteness and how you incorporate your dog on the day.

Include them in a pre-wedding/engagement shoot

A fun way to include your dog is by bringing them along to a pre-wedding/engagement shoot. We recommend somewhere outdoors, where your pet can also run around and have fun. Later, the photos can be used as save the date cards or used as part of your wedding invitations.

how to include your dog at your wedding

Keep it practical

With a big event such as your wedding, ensure to think through the process practically. While your dog may be happy to be surrounded by company, they will get tired easily. Discuss the day with your wedding planner/co-ordinator so that you can raise a sensible plan moving forward.

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